Recreation of Tohoku

Join Hands and Foster the Power of Hometown

We will work on revival and creation towards the creation of ?Nigiwai Tohoku.

7 years has passed since Great East Japan Earthquake occurred?. Aeon will continue to work on various activities based on the four policies for the recreation of Tohoku. In March, the “Nigiwai Tohoku Fair” was held at approximately 300 AEON stores in Honshu and Shikoku, which gathered together the proud products grown by Tohoku producers. AEON Lake Town, one of the main venues, focused on Fukushima Prefecture and introduced the spirit and?charm of Tohoku.

Four Policies for Recreation of Tohoku

  1. Revitalizing local industries through?Industry rooted in local communities through business???
  2. Creating jobs and? healthy working environment
  3. Building the future of the community together through CSR activities
  4. Creating cities?for safe and secure living

News Release

We will introduce a news release on Aeon's efforts to support the disaster-stricken areas.


Activities that Widen the Circle?of? Tohoku Creation

We will report on activities to support recreation of Tohoku continuously through Aeon's business.


?"Project Aeon Joining Hands" activity report

Report on "Tohoku Support Aeon Yellow Receipt Campaign"