About Supplier Hotline

Aeon has set up “Supplier Hotline” to handle consultations and reports from our suppliers and employees of our suppliers, who are our important partners. We aim to keep the entire supply chain safe and secure, and to provide better products and services to our customers together.

Target user

Who can use the hotline?

Organizations and their employees that are involved in the supply chain* of TOPVALU products.???

*What is “Supply chain”?
The chain of the entire process from the raw material to finished goods or services delivered to consumers: procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, delivery, and sales.

* If you are AEON employee, please contact “AEON Code of Conduct Hotline” for consultation.???

What to consult

Any behavior or case that violate “AEON Human Rights Policy” or “AEON Supplier Code of Conduct

  • Human rights violations, including child labor, forced labor, abuse and harassment, and discrimination
  • Working conditions, including working hours, wages, benefits, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • Working environment, including health and safety issues in the workplace
  • Significant impact on the environment
  • Violations of relevant laws, regulations, rules, or requests from AEON
  • Comments on transactions with AEON

Flow of “Supplier Hotline”

General reception will be conducted by the third-party organization, ASSC. * Consultation can be anonymously reported to AEON at consulter’s request. AEON or ASSC will respond to a consultation depending on the contents.???

ASSC: The Global Alliance for Sustainable Supply Chain(ASSC)is a non-governmental organization that works with companies to solve problems in their supply chains.

Confidentiality and Protection of consulters and informants

  • We protect the privacy of consulters and informants.
  • The personal information of consulters and informants will be used only for the purpose of investigation, and will not be disclosed to any third party or organization to which the person belongs without the consent of consulter/informant.
  • Consulters and his/her organization won’t suffer any disadvantage or retaliatory action by Aeon due to the consultation or reporting for a legitimate reason. However, it doesn’t apply in cases of bad-faith reports that are malicious slander or libel.
  • ASSC, which is in charge of general reception and problem solving together with AEON, has a confidentiality agreement in place with AEON.
  • ?AEON Supplier Code of Conduct*prohibits supplier’s prejudicial treatment of consulters or informants due to reporting for a legitimate reason.???

How to consult or report

Consultation Form

Please enter your real name and choose if you disclose your name to AEON. Note that if you do not enter your real name, scope of the investigation may be limited.

When we report to AEON, would you prefer reporting anonymously?
Contact information

Please check here if you prefer contact by phone.

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What is your consultation?Mandatory

Please describe the detail so that we can handle the case promptly.???

Date of occurrence of the case:
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