Smart Aeon

Aeon is working on the development of Smart Aeon, our next-generation Eco Stores that are environmentally friendly as well as energy-efficient and disaster-resilient.

In addition to building stores with lower environmental impacts, we also set out to develop next-generation Smart Aeon stores that can achieve efficient use of energy and disaster prevention from the perspective of civic- and community-building efforts carried out in cooperation with local communities.


  • CASBEE: An environmental performance evaluation system for architecture that was developed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in 2001. It is used as an index that objectively evaluates and displays such performances as consideration for the global and surrounding environment, waste in running costs, and comfort for users.

Shifting from Eco Stores to Smart Aeon

Eco stores

The 3 concepts

Transformation and technical innovations

Aeon will create stores that can incorporate new technologies and accumulate experience to respond to the increasing social environmental awareness and expanding environmental regulations anticipated in the future.

Learning and collaboration

Aeon will create stores that can encourage the children of the future to take a deep interest in the environment and enhance our ties with local communities.

Disseminating information

Aeon will create stores that can disseminate Aeon’s achievements in environmental preservation activities in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

Eight approaches

Energy-saving (creation)

We will promote the use of wind, water or other natural energy that is most suitable for that region.


We will create stores using materials with low environmental impacts.

Natural environment

We will use natural lighting, sounds and water to communicate with nature and to be healed by nature

Landscape, biodiversity

We will aim to provide space where many creatures as well as people gather, and to design a pleasant landscape.

Safety, security, environmentally friendly

We will aggressively deliver environmentally friendly products that are safe and sound.

Local circulation of waste

We will circulate the waste within the community together with the local people.

Disclosure of information

We will provide comprehensive information on our stores and the environment that Aeon aims for.

21st century community

We will aim to eliminate the need for disposable bags so as not to waste resources.

Smart Aeon, a further evolution of eco-stores Providing environment-friendly stores, products, and services Environmental activities promoted with customers + Contribution to sustainable town development and community building Smart Aeon Smart Energy, Waon Net Integrated traffic circulation (smart mobility) Biodiversity / landscape Disaster prevention / regional infrastructure

List of Eco Stores & Smart Aeon stores

Eco stores

Aeon Town Chikusa

Aeon MALL Dainichi

Aeon MALL Hiezu

Aeon MALL Tomakomai

Aeon MALL Kashiwa

Aeon MALL Kagoshima

Taki Crystal Town SC

Aeon Lake Town

Aeon MALL Kusatsu

Aeon MALL Tsuchiura

Aeon MALL Itami Koyo

Aeon MALL Funabashi

Smart Aeon

Aeon MALL Yahatahigashi

Aeon Town Shin Funabashi

Aeon MALL Osaka Dome City

Aeon MALL Makuhari New City

Aeon MALL Nagoya Chaya

Aeon MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa

Aeon MALL Kisarazu

Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom

Aeon MALL Shijonawate

Aeon Mall Sakai Guncho

Aeon MALL Zama