Aeon Natural Refrigerant Declaration

Aeon Natural Refrigerant Declaration

Aeon will be the first domestic retailer to begin switching the refrigerants used in the refrigerators and freezers (“refrigerating cases”) in all its Group stores from alternatives for chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) to natural refrigerants (CO?) *1. We have been installing natural refrigerant-based refrigerating cases in every new store since 2015, and will gradually replace the cases in the approximately 3,500 existing stores. By adopting natural refrigerant-based refrigerating cases aggressively, Aeon will cooperate with the national government and manufacturers in promoting the use of natural refrigerants by formulating new construction standards, mitigating legal restrictions, and reducing installation costs, and thereby contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions.??

Alternatives for CFCs that are currently used in refrigerating cases have high global warming potential (GWP) *2[MOU1]? and require enhanced control to prevent leakage. At the same time, switching to next generation, natural refrigerants with extremely low GWP is called for. ??

As a retailer dealing with many people every day, Aeon considers this its mission and positions environmental preservation activities as highest priority among its CSR activities to be pursued by Group companies as a whole. As leader of the retail industry, we will raise awareness within the industry, collaborate with peers and players in other business fields, and engage governmental authorities to promote the use of natural refrigerants in order to reduce GHG emissions.

  1. *1. Natural refrigerants: Substances known as refrigerants that exist in nature including ammonia, carbon hydride, and CO2.??
  2. *2. Global warming potential: A coefficient indicating the degree of impact on global warming as multiples of CO2.??

Aeon will be the first retailer to install natural refrigerant (CO2)-based refrigerating cases in all stores