We at Aeon operate on the basic principles of pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer’s point of view as its core.? Based on these, it is our goal to achieve a sustainable society and grow as a group.

In our endeavors we think globally both on the environment and society. Our actions are rooted in each community and we move forward together with our many stakeholders.

Vital environmental challenges

Achieving a decarbonized society

Preservation of biodiversity

Promotion of resource recycling

Vital social challenges

Creating products and stores that meet social expectations

Engaging in fair business practices that respect human rights

Collaborating with the community

Revised in September 2018

Aeon Co., Ltd. Environmental Policy

We are engaged in efforts to provide an enriched lifestyle for our customers and to preserve the global environment by providing safe and secure stores, products and services.???
We use an environmental management system,?periodically review our actions,?and make continuous improvements to enhance our environmental performance to promote our efforts.
  1. We will work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all business activities in order to realize a decarbonized society.
    1. Aeon continuously improves energy efficiency at stores.
    2. Efforts are under way to reduce energy expenditure across the entire product supply chain.
  2. We understand the effects our business has on and the benefits from the ecosystem and promote preservation activities.
    1. Aeon is engaged in developing and procuring sustainable, resource-managed products.
    2. We promote tree planting activities and other actions that help protect local ecosystems.
  3. We promote resource recycling to enable sustainable resource usage.
    1. Aeon also promotes the reduce, reuse, recycle method.
    2. We strive to select materials that have a minimal environmental impact.
  4. We strictly follow environmental laws and regulations, and work to prevent contamination. This policy is also made known both to our employees and to all persons who help support our business activities.
  5. Aeon is engaged in expanding our range of initiatives by building partnerships with as many people as possible, starting with our customers.

Revised March 2020

Aeon Co., Ltd.
Chairman and Representative Executive Officer

Motoya Okada