PET Bottle Cap Collection Campaign

Bringing Smiles to Children around the World with Plastic Bottle Caps!!

Aeon started the "Bringing Smiles to Children around the World with Plastic Bottle Caps!!" campaign in June 2008. We collect PET bottle caps at stores and donate the money purchased by recyclers to organizations working to support children around the world who are suffering from poverty. In fiscal 2019, we donated approximately 233.6 million PET bottle cap sales of 3,083,694 yen.

Children reading books in front of the library

Mothers learning how to make nutritious meals, children eating dietary supplements at home

Mother and child visiting for medical vaccination at Melle Village Health Center, polio vaccination at Port Vila Mother and Child Health Center

Our campaign is an activity that allows ordinary customers to participate in the event. Please note that applications from companies and organizations have been declined.
Also, there are stores that are not collecting, so please check with the store you are using.